A head filled with words and thoughts, demonstrating the importance of why we should take time out.

Take time out. Rest, re-group & get right back on it.

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Take time out to inject new life into your projects.

Hi everyone, long time no speak 💁🏻 its been quite a few weeks since my last post, so it’s great to get back on Gardening Love. I have had a lot going on at home with various things and just couldn’t fit everything in, so it seemed appropriate to take time out. It’s quality over quantity 👍🏽 or so they say !

Over the past month we have transformed our front garden which I shall post about over the coming weeks. It is unrecognisable from where it was and we love the final outcome. We have some gorgeous flowers blooming so I shall share some pics soon.

Loads of other diy projects around the home have been keeping me And my family busy. With so much to do I felt that I could not give my full attention to the blog. Now all the jobs around the home are caught up it’s a relief ☺️

So I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things again, with lots of exciting plans for Gardening Love coming up. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

A head filled with words and thoughts, demonstrating the importance of why we should take time out.Sometimes it’s necessary to take time out. We can only do so much without burning ourselves out. Making the effort to take time out helps us reflect on our situation and can breathe  fresh air into projects and ideas that we have.

I can easily feel overwhelmed when projects start mounting up. I like to be able to give my whole heart to what I’m doing.

How do you take time out when the stresses of life catch up with you? Please share your tips in the comments.

Stay tuned for new posts over the coming weeks. Here is a pearl of wisdom for you until then…..

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