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3 Reasons why you are stuck in a negative mindset

Nobody wants a negative mindset. I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning with the hope of have a truly awful, pessamistic day. However, in order to get through life, a negative mental attitude is going to crop up sometimes. We are made of many different characteristcs and negativity is …

low-cost self-care day 5
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Low-cost self-care ideas for you to try today.

It’s day 5 of the self-care mini series! Full of free and low-cost self-care ideas for you to try to add to your routine. If you missed the other posts then fear not! All the links you need are here. Why Self-care matters Day 1 Creating self-care habits Day 2 …

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How To Practice Guilt-Free Self-Care. Ditch the guilt.

Welcome to the penultimate blog post in this self care mini series. Today we are going to look at guilt-free self-care. In yesterday’s post, we touched on the fact that many people feel guilty for spending time and resources on self-care. They think self-care is self indulgent and expensive. There …

self-care habit day 2 self-care challenge
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A Self-Care Habit To Start & End Your Day With

Hi everyone! Here is part 2 of the self care mini series. If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can click this link here! Dont forget to subscribe to the Gardening Love newsletter to receive your lovely FREE GIFT! The self care workbook which is the perfect accompaniment to …

The 7 day Self-Care challenge
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Why Self-Care Matters & Super Simple Ways To Treat Yourself

Hey! Welcome to this mini blog post series all about self-care, why it matters and how to implement it into your daily life! There are 7 blog posts in total which will be linked to throughout the series. Make sure to share these posts which all your friends and family. …

How to do ecotherapy #EcoTherapy #GreenTherapy #Shinrin-Yoku
Ecotherapy Featured

What Is Ecotherapy? How do you use it?

Ecotherapy: The basics Ecotherapy is the experience of healing through a connection with the earth and nature. There are other terms and words used to describe healing with nature. Green therapy, forest bathing—also known as shinrin-yoku in Japan. Ecopsychology, and nature therapy all use the same principles of interacting and connecting …

Take care of your mood and wellbeing with these simple mood lifting activities. #mood #wellness #moodlifting #boostyourmood #mentalhealth #selfcare
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Mood lifting activities to brighten your day

  Quick Mood Lifting Activities In a slump? Need a 5 minute mood boost? I got ya! This post has 5 simple mood lifting activities to get you back on track! Read on people… We all have those days where things maybe not going our way. The days where you …

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