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5 Ways to Address Inner Conflict

Is inner conflict holding you back? When we struggle with inner conflict, it is basically a battle between our emotions and thoughts. If a situation doesn’t turn out how we expected, it can release feelings of anger, stress, fear, and frustration. There are many different types of inner conflict. You …

Embrace your flaws featured image #wellbeingwednesday
Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Embrace Your Flaws To Love Yourself

Learning to embrace your flaws may sound like an impossible task. However for the sake of your self love journey you owe it to yourself to try. So as part of the #wellbeingwednesday blog post series this post aims to look at how you can learn to love and embrace …

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How Gardening Impacts Physical and Mental Health

A guest post by Brad Krause, highlighting the many ways Gardening impacts health both in terms of physical health and mental health. Gardening can be very appealing and soothing, especially for those who love nature. Besides giving your yard a beautiful sight, the view of growing plants and flowers adds …

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What Are Limiting Beliefs ? How To Overcome Them

Limiting beliefs are debilitating thoughts that your mind has created about yourself, other people, or the world. They act as a defence mechanism to protect you from the fear of failure and other negative emotions. These beliefs hold you back from accomplishing your goals because you believe them on a …

Best indoor plants for mental health
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Best Indoor Plants for Your Mental Health

The numerous mental health benefits of gardening have long been proven. But aside from the calming effect of tending your garden and growing your plants, there are specific plants that can boost your mental health because of their natural components. If you’re someone who’s looking for a way to ease …

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Motivation Fast

Hi everyone, as we approach the end of our third lockdown here in the UK I figured a post on ways to improve your motivation may be in order. I don’t know about you but this lockdown has been a tough one, and the light at the end of the …

day 4 self-care routine toolkit ideas
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A Simple Self-Care Routine You Can Fall Back On When Needed

Welcome to day 4 of this mini self care blog post series! Today we will look at creating a self-care routine that you can fall back on when needed. Just to recap in case you missed the previous posts. On day 1 we looked at why self-care matters? On day …

try something new today to look after yourself
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Try Something New Today To Care For Yourself

Hey people! This is the third blog post in this mini self care series. Here is a recap of post 1 & post 2 if you have’nt read them yet. In yesterday’s blog post, I shared ways to get started with self-care. Creating habits and adding activities to your calendar …

self-care habit day 2 self-care challenge
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A Self-Care Habit To Start & End Your Day With

Hi everyone! Here is part 2 of the self care mini series. If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can click this link here! Dont forget to subscribe to the Gardening Love newsletter to receive your lovely FREE GIFT! The self care workbook which is the perfect accompaniment to …

The 7 day Self-Care challenge
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Why Self-Care Matters & Super Simple Ways To Treat Yourself

Hey! Welcome to this mini blog post series all about self-care, why it matters and how to implement it into your daily life! There are 7 blog posts in total which will be linked to throughout the series. Make sure to share these posts which all your friends and family. …

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