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Autumn Self care routine ideas

It’s time to introduce some autumn self care into your life. Autumn or fall as some of you may say is a great time of change. The wind is picking up, the nights are drawing in and the leaves are beginning to falling. Autumn is always my favourite time of year. I love the change… Read More Autumn Self care routine ideas

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60 Positive Actions To Help You Through A Dark Day

We all have dark days. Those days when you want to stay under the duvet and pretend your not there. Those days when you feel as though there is no right side of the bed, let alone the wrong side! It’s days like these when we need some positive actions to focus on to get… Read More 60 Positive Actions To Help You Through A Dark Day

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Springtime Self Care Ideas

Self care is a huge topic right now. With spring, the season of new beginnings upon us, a springtime self care routine is a must for your mental health and wellbeing. People are really starting to take their health and wellbeing more seriously, and that my friends can only be a good thing. If you… Read More Springtime Self Care Ideas

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The No Pressure Guide To New Year Success

The new year is here. All the hype of Christmas has been and gone. You have taken down the decorations, packed your relatives off and now your house looks bare. So what happens now? For some people the start of a new year doesn’t really mean all that much to them. It’s just another day… Read More The No Pressure Guide To New Year Success

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The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook

Simple and practical ways to cope with anxiety Anxiety affects millions of people across the world. Most of the population will have experienced some form of it for various reasons. Anxiety is a natural response from a human who is under threat or pressure. Going for a job interview, starting school, speaking out loud in… Read More The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook