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day 4 self-care routine toolkit ideas
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A Simple Self-Care Routine You Can Fall Back On When Needed

Welcome to day 4 of this mini self care blog post series! Today we will look at creating a self-care routine that you can fall back on when needed. Just to recap in case you missed the previous posts. On day 1 we looked at why self-care matters? On day …

The eyes of a women staring through a winter scene with snow and winter blues framing her face
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How to beat the winter blues by following these tips.

Winter be gone……Spring come along….. Winter can feel as though it hangs around a heck of a long time. It can get you down somewhat especially after the excitement of the the festive period is over and so it’s important that we try to find ways to beat the winter …


Yorkshire dales, the perfect medicine

The Yorkshire dales……Just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like a drive out to the beautiful Yorkshire dales to blow away the cobwebs and kick-start the week and the new year ahead. Illness has plagued my little family over the Christmas period, with the chicken pox virus forcing us …

Gardening helps depression
Depression Ecotherapy Mental Health Wellbeing

Gardening for the mind. How to fight depression with nature.

Ease depression by gardening Depression has been a part of my life for some years now. It can manifest itself in a number of ways. For those of you who have ever suffered from depression or know of someone who has this illness then you will know how debilitating it …

Garden heath, keep it blooming lovely
Featured Gardening

Garden health. Keep it blooming lovely.

Maintain garden health. Anуоnе with a flower garden loves and аdоrеs their flowers and knowing how to саrе for your flower garden can make a big impact in the look of your plants and over-all garden health.Here are some simple hints to make your garden bloom with health. The essentials  Your flоwеr …

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