Why we should support World Wildlife Day 3rd March

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World Wildlife Day Needs Us!

World Wildlife Day takes place this year on Friday 3rd March 2017. This project was founded to promote wildlife issues, to reach out to the world in order to raise awareness of endangered species.

A group of youths sat amongst jigsaw puzzle images of issues that are affecting wildlife issues and endangered species. Campaign poster for World Wildlife Day 2017.
Campaign poster Wildlife Day 2017

The campaign focuses on the protection of endangered animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction. World wildlife Day highlights the devastating effects of wildlife crime across the world. Wildlife crime is a global issue as many animals are being killed for their body parts and sold through illegal trading.

 Wildlife Crime in the U.K.

More closer to home the National Wildlife Crime Unit discuss the various types of wildlife crime that affects the U.K. Illegal poaching, egg theft and the persecution of birds of prey to name just a few of the areas of concern.

After reading this years World Wildlife Day campaign there is a strong push towards encouraging young people to get involved and express their views on the subject. This is a great way forward, because if younger generations can be educated in wildlife crime and the necessities of protecting endangered animals and plants then as a result maybe a positive impact can be made on the future before it’s too late.

Facing The Consequences.

I think it’s safe to say that we are at a stage where there is a strong possibility that in the not too distant future some animals may only be visible in books and media. How sad to think that future generations may never get to see the beauty and diversity of some of the species that live on this planet. That’s why it’s crucial we support World Wildlife Day.

It can feel overwhelming when we watch the issues with wildlife escalating throughout the media. Many people donate in a variety of ways to wildlife charities and campaigns. It’s important to point out that you don’t have to donate financially to help the cause.

I know that it can often feel very pressurizing when so many different charities ask for your help. But just by being alert to the campaign and issues helps. One way to help is to take note of any products that you buy. For instance, are the products friendly to the environment and wildlife. Take note of ingredients in cosmetics or in the materials used to make your bags, shoes etc. It all helps, by opting for a more wildlife friendly product you will be helping to take on the criminals. Without a market for these criminals to work with, the less likely they are to kill endangered animals.

World Wildlife Day is important for all of us. Let’s help get behind it and do our bit to help.

#WorldWildlifeDay #EndWildlifeTrafficking

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