Squirrel appreciation day

Happy squirrel appreciation day ! 

It’s the 21st January 2016, and that can only mean one thing……. Yes that’s right it’s squirrel appreciation day!!!

Yes folks you read that right, and here at Gardening Love we celebrate all things nature so it would be unfair not to give the squirrels a nod.

I know for some, squirrels are considered pests especially the grey ones, I’ve even heard them called tree rats before now and yes they often steal the food you put out for the birds…… However they have just as much right to be here as us and besides I actually rather like them!

Squirrel appreciation day
Squirrel appreciation day

As a little girl I would love being outdoors with my Pa , exploring the woods and the nature around me and if I saw a squirrel…… Bonus !! Apparently I used to call them “scuss scuss” ( cute I know 😊)

So fast forward into adulthood and now it’s me taking my children out exploring the great outdoors and what do you know …… They loooooooooooove squirrels! And I love pointing them out to them. For me it’s their cheekiness, the way they approach without fear , confidently dancing amongst the trees.

So I say on this January 21st 2016 I appreciate squirrels, I thank them for my happy childhood memories and for the joy they now bring to my children. In this day and age when we struggle to keep our children young, away from technology and out in the fresh air , I say hooray for the squirrel who helps children take note of the nature around them. So why not take a walk around your local park, go to the woods , get some fresh air, take the kids, grandkids and see how many you can spot.

Gardening love

Becky x


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