Safari surprise

A Safari Birthday Treat

Hi everyone and a very happy monday and new week to you all. So this weekend was my birthday weekend. My family knows how much I love to be out and about in nature and so treated me to a trip to knowsley safari park.

What a fantastic day we had and how great it was for the children to see such majestic creatures up close. It beats seeing them in a book any day.

I must say how impressed I was with the park itself and how happy and well looked after the animals appeared to be. (Please note that this is just my opinion. This site is not an affiliate of knowsley safari park).

The Highlights


Obviously I won’t take you through each and every animal we saw lol. Just to note that the highlights for us were the Rhinos, I mean just wow I think they are fabulous. I love that they have a fierce look about them and you wouldn’t want to get stuck in an ally way with one. Yet on the other hand, there is still something very gentle-looking about them.

We all loved the Baboons. My youngest child was a little scared at first when they jumped on our car but he soon came around to their cheeky antics.

It hilarious how people literally que up in their cars (and some of these cars were very expensive ones I might add) and wait for it to be their turn to be attacked !!

They really are so cheeky. Straight for the jet washers and wipers. And as a little bonus one had a wee on our spare wheel and another left a little present in the shape of a poo on our roof, so as much as they like to take from the vehicles they clearly like to give as well.

Up close

A male Lion sat under a large tree on the grass of the safari park looking out at the pride.
The mane man

Another highlight has to be the lions. To be so close to them is just amazing. They look at you so fiercely but walk with so much grace and patience. The air of authority that they have is unbelievable.

The male lion sat in the far corner watching over the pride. We were lucky to be able to pull up at the side of him. He never flinched. Just so calm.Giraffe eating from branches in a pen at the safari park.

The other top attractions were of course the elephants and the giraffes. We only got to see one giraffe unfortunately. We were blown away that such a huge animal could be so graceful and beautiful. You would think that for an animal of its size it would appear intimidating but for me I could have sat and watched it all day. It took its time eating, savouring every bite as if it had all the time in the world.

We are so lucky to be able to visit these amazing animals and let our children see them in the flesh as opposed to just in books. Absolutely fantastic day out.


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