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Featured Gardening Mental Health Wellbeing

How Gardening Impacts Physical and Mental Health

A guest post by Brad Krause, highlighting the many ways Gardening impacts health both in terms of physical health and mental health. Gardening can be very appealing and soothing, especially for those who love nature. Besides giving your yard a beautiful sight, the view of growing plants and flowers adds …

Featured Lifestyle Mental Health

What Are Limiting Beliefs ? How To Overcome Them

Limiting beliefs are debilitating thoughts that your mind has created about yourself, other people, or the world. They act as a defence mechanism to protect you from the fear of failure and other negative emotions. These beliefs hold you back from accomplishing your goals because you believe them on a …

Is it me? The importance of self-reflection. Featured image
Featured Lifestyle

Is It Me? The Importance Of Self-reflection

We all have those soul-searching moments when we step back and evaluate what’s going on in our lives. It is natural to want more for ourselves and to compare our lives and situations to those around us. However it is vital in self-reflection to really pay attention to the key …

what animals should you attract to your garden featured image
Ecotherapy Featured Gardening

What Animals Should You Be Attracting to Your Garden?

Whether you live in the heart of the city or out in the countryside, your garden is often the perfect place to escape your daily pressures and worries. It is also a home to wildlife guests quietly searching for shelter or feeding opportunities. Studies show that UK is losing wildlife at …

Blog Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing

3 Reasons why you are stuck in a negative mindset

Nobody wants a negative mindset. I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning with the hope of have a truly awful, pessamistic day. However, in order to get through life, a negative mental attitude is going to crop up sometimes. We are made of many different characteristcs and negativity is …

crush your self-love obstacles
Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing

How To Crush Your Self-Love Obstacles

Self-love can often seem like tough love. Practising self-love can seem unnatural and self-indulgent and you may face many obstacles on your journey. Self-love obstacles can hinder your progress, so it’s time to get prepared. Self-love is important and thats a fact! If you can’t love and appreciate yourself then …

Best indoor plants for mental health
Ecotherapy Featured Gardening

Best Indoor Plants for Your Mental Health

The numerous mental health benefits of gardening have long been proven. But aside from the calming effect of tending your garden and growing your plants, there are specific plants that can boost your mental health because of their natural components. If you’re someone who’s looking for a way to ease …

Embrace your imperfecions featured image

How To Embrace Your Imperfections

Learning how to embrace your imperfections can seem like an impossible task. Some days we can be our own worst enemy. The thoughts we have about ourselves can be incredibly cruel and as a result we often get in the way of living a happy fulfilled life. In truth, most …

featured image
Depression Featured

How To Find a Creative Outlet to Help with Depression

Finding a creative outlet is a great way to unwind and distract you from feelings of depression and other mental health issues. Depression can affect people in many different ways. One of the most common symptoms of depression is lacking the desire or motivation to participate in everyday activities. When …

Well-being and ecotherapy. How to connect with nature.
Ecotherapy Featured Mental Health

Well-Being and Ecotherapy. How To Connect With Nature.

This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2021 and this years theme is #ConnectWithNature given that Gardening Love is all about the mental health benefits of nature and ecotherapy, I’m thrilled to be able to post on this topic in support of the Mental Health Foundation. Definition of Well-being Well-being is often defined …

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