International space station grows Zinnia flower

Zinnia in space 

I’m sure many of you may have read this week that a Zinnia flower has been successfully grown on the international space station.   I just had to write about this because I think this is just beautiful. I find space a fascinating subject at the best of times but mixed in with a spot of gardening this truly made me smile.

Gardening in space

The successful growth of this zinnia represents so much . It could have been one of any number of flowers, the type of flower is irrelevant, it’s about what it represents. To think a century ago the thought of travelling to space was a far fetched idea let alone having an international space station orbiting the Earth, with gardening astronauts on board !  This displays how far we have come in science and technology.

A zinnia
A zinnia flower

I just love the thought of an astronaut nurturing this plant 220 miles above the earth, working in what must be the most surreal environment. Sat eating his freeze dried cornflakes one breakfast, gazing at the Earth below with this beautiful flower blooming on the window ledge. There are some great pictures sent from the ISS here.

Apparently they have successfully grown lettuce previously which they have eaten, however this is the first time that a more complex plant has been grown on the ISS, from seed to flower. If proof is ever needed that anything is possible then surely this is it ! For me nature is a fundamental part of my life, the connection I have with the outdoors means so much to me and so to read this article brought me great joy. I cannot begin to imagine the sense of achievement the astronauts must feel. To think they are so far away from the Earth, this zinnia flower will connect them to home.



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