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How to get motivated and get stuff done.

Don’t be a procrastinator, be and instigator!

You have all these ideas floating around your head. You desperately want to share them and make your mark on the world.

However it can be difficult to know where to start. Thats when the stalling can begin and you feel yourself drowning in all these thoughts. If only you could just make a start !

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Sound familiar?

Then read on people 👀👉🏼

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Self doubts and dilly dallying

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way. That you can put pen to paper and start making progress in the areas that you want to.

When I started my blog Gardening Love, I would spend days staring at the computer screen.

What was I doing ? Where was I going with this ? Was there even a point to my hopes?

Let me tell you, these are all completely normal thoughts for anyone wanting to start on a new venture. It’s totally ok to have self doubts and a few wobbles.

But, if you feel as though you have some thing you want to share with the world. That you can bring something to the table which will helps others or perhaps inspire other people. Or maybe you have a project idea thats just for you but you just can’t get motivated to make a start for whatever reason, then I have the perfect solution for you.

Let your dream be bigger than your fears. How to get motivated and get stuff done. #motivation #procrastination #organising #planning

It all starts with an idea and a sprinkle of self belief ✨

I started Gardening Love to fuse together my love for nature and my mental health. I wanted to reach out to others, to get people chatting about mental health in an upbeat way. But believe me when I say starting this website/blog has been tough!

I have had self doubt and talked myself out of all sorts of things! There are times when procrastination is my middle name 🤷🏻‍♀️

This brings me onto the wonderful tool that I am going to recomend to you. Now I know what your thinking ….. here she goes selling me something.

However I only ever recommend things that I truly believe in and that I feel are of value to myself and the readers of Gardening Love.

How to get motivated and get stuff done. #motivation #procrastinating #confidence #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #selfbelief #personaldevelopment #growthmindset #organisation #ebook #workbook #affiliate #affiliatelink

If you find yourself putting off your projects, delaying and sabotaging the progress of your work.

Whether your a budding blogger, small business owner or entrepreneur and you need a push to help you get stuff done then this ebook is perfect for you.

Written by a professional therapist and metal health blogger the 10 Steps To Feel Motivated And Get Stuff Done ebook is a must !

This wonderful guide will help you bring your ideas to life! Full of tools to help you build an organisational system to motivate you towards achieving your goals.

If you sign up to the Gardening Love newsletter you will recieve a 10 steps to feel motivated one page PDF worksheet as a gift.

Good luck on your journey.


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