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The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook

Simple and practical ways to cope with anxiety

Anxiety affects millions of people across the world. Most of the population will have experienced some form of it for various reasons. Anxiety is a natural response from a human who is under threat or pressure.

Going for a job interview, starting school, speaking out loud in front of other people. That tight feeling in your chest and sickly butterfly feeling in your stomach can take over.

Relaxlikeaboss.com has a list of low-stress level jobs which could be well suited to a person with anxiety.

We have all been there through one situation or another. However, for some people, anxiety can become much more than general feelings of nervousness and uncertainty.

There are helpful methods which can alleviate some of these symptoms, The Anxiety Pocket Eworkbook being one of those.

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The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook full of simple and practical ways to alleviate the impacts of anxiety. Includes worksheets and daily self care plans to address your mental and physical needs. (Affiliate link) #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcareplans #mindfulness #grounding #affiliatelink

Anxiety can develop much deeper feelings and lead to Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). According to www.mind.org  In England 2016, the reported figures for people suffering from GAD were 5.9 in 100 people.

Please check out this link to read the information yourself.

GAD can be incredibly debilitating, if you feel that you are suffering from anxiety in any way please seek medical help. There are many resources available and a listening and caring ear. Do not suffer alone.

The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook

Gardening Love has recently become affiliated with The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook. I have personally used this fantastic little book and found it to be packed full of wonderful tips and ideas for coping with the impact of anxiety.

The workbook takes you through various sections such as organisation, mindfulness, grounding and visualisation techniques.

The Anxiety Pocket EWorkbook includes worksheets and self-care plans to help you find ways to set aside time for yourself.

These simple and practical tips will help to address your needs both physically and mentally. Helping you to create structure and routine in your life. Vital tools to carry with you through your experience of anxiety.

Purchase The Anxiety Pocket Eworkbook through this link.

The Anxiety pocket eworkbook contains simple and practical ways to alleviate the impacts of anxiety. Includes worksheets and daily self care plans to address your needs mentally and physically. (Affiliate link) #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare #plans #worksheets #affiliatelink

The workbook is available for download so you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s great to have to hand on your devices when you feel you need some support and a strategy.

I hope this great guide will provide help and support in your time of need.

To purchase the download, click the link HERE.

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  1. Anxiety is real and like you said, it can create bigger troubles. Thanks for recommending an ebook that deals with it.

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