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10k step challenge progress check. Walking towards health and happiness.

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10k step challenge 1 step at a time.

Hi folks, so on the 28th February 2017 I posted my intentions of taking on the 10k step challenge and the reasons why. I have always loved walking and hate the gym so I’m hoping to keep fit and healthy by monitoring my daily steps in a bid to reach 10,000 per day. Helping me every step of the way is my fitness tracker, which I love ❤.

Walking the 10k step challenge

Two and a half weeks in and overall I’m quite happy with my efforts. There have been some days where it’s been easy to get to the 10k step mark or near to it. Some days I’ve managed to squeeze a proper walk into my routine which obviously helps to rack up the step count.

On one day where I reached target I managed to do it just by walking the school run 3 times and doing housework. I admit that I rarely sat down that day until evening. So I suppose the little trips up and down the stairs all help.

Not as easy as I thought 💭

I have noticed that on some of the days where I’m far off target, it hasn’t been through lack of trying. Meeting the 10k step challenge target is not always a walk in the park (pardon the pun). Some days I’ve had to drive the car to do errands. Or I’ve found myself doing more sedentary tasks which involve limited movement.

The days where I haven’t met my 10k step challenge target I have felt disappointed 😔. I didn’t realise that doing 10k steps a day could be so tough, I honestly thought I did more walking but my tracker says otherwise. I do love having the tracker though. It’s a great motivator and it gives me a nudge if I’ve been still for too long. This helps to make me aware of how I move throughout the day.

Racking up the step count ! 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣

On a couple of occasions, I put on some tunes and danced around almost marching to the beat. Just 10 mins of this got my heart pumping and helped me build up a few thousand steps. It was a win win really, great music, fun and a sense of achievement. The kids got up too and had a great time watching mummy dance around.

That’s  the beauty of walking I guess. It’s accessible to most people. You can do it with your family and most of all it’s doable! Hooray for non complicated exercise !!!!!

















So if you fancy taking up the 10k step challenge here are my top tips to get you on track !


  • Treat yourself to a fitness tracker. They range in price and some are more technical than others. I chose to start off with a cheaper tracker but it does the job. They are great for motivating yourself and measuring your progress.


  • If you’re falling short of your target you can try and make the steps up by dancing about to your favourite songs 🎶🎵🎶🎵


  • If 10k steps is too high a target for you to start with just lower it to suit. Aim to build up gradually over time.


  • If you are off target just keep trying. Don’t worry about it and take it day by day. The whole point of the 10k step challenge is just that….. a challenge. It gives you a focus and a target to reach whilst helping you become more aware of your health and fitness.


Do you enjoy walking ? Do you use a fitness tracker? Please share your thoughts below.

Gardening love 💚


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