You dont need a garden to garden
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You don’t need a garden to garden

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Gardening here……Garden there……Garden everywhere

Anyone can garden. You don’t need much in terms of equipment or experience. It doesn’t matter if you have never gardened before, it can be inexpensive and will work in any space that you have available. You can garden with limited space, without having to have a regular outdoor garden with grass.


Homes with patios, roof top apartments, twelfth story balconies or just a windowsill. So wherever you live, whatever type of home, you can still be a gardener. Because the only thing that can limit you is your imagination. A little creativity can go a long way.

Use whatever space is available

So lets say you have no outdoor area to your home, but you have a windowsill. Line a few plant pots up and try growing some flowers from seed. All you need is a small bag of soil and a packet of seeds, follow the planting instructions on the packet. The light through the window will help to give decent growing conditions. If you grow from scratch it is very satisfying when you see what you have accomplished. If not there are plenty of ready grown potted plants that you could care for instead.

You dont need a garden to garden


Anything is a potential plant pot !

Any pot will do as long as it has drainage. Washed out tin cans make great plant pots. Just pierce a few holes in the base for drainage and paint the tin any colour of your choosing. If you want to decorate them further why not tie ribbon around them or embellish them with buttons for a shabby chic edge. You could add tags with the name of each herb or plant on each one.

If you do have some outdoor space, even if its limited, planters can be a great option. There are many shapes and sizes of planters available and they come in many different materials from plastic to concrete. Those made from more natural materials such as terra-cotta, teak and cedar wood can look stunning against the colour of your chosen flowers. The natural option can help to bring a little more nature into your environment too which can be lovely if you live in the city and seem far away from nature.

The great thing about planters is that they are portable (although some of the larger ones can get heavy, ask a friend to help). You can move them about as and where you like. This can be handy if you have limited space. So if it’s a flower garden your after, a little vegetable patch or even both, you can have one right there on your balcony. Your very own patio paradise.

Help keep costs down.

Some planters can be pricey, if you are looking to keep the costs down. Why don’t you have a look around your home and see if there is anything that you can recycle. Try to keep an open mind as anything can be used within reason, just make sure you can add drainage holes. Things like old welly boots or shoes can look great. Make sure that you pierce some holes in the sole for drainage. Add a few stones inside to help weigh them down and fill with soil and plant your favourite flower. Be open-minded about old toys such as trucks, tea pots, cups etc, as they can all make fantastic planters. The options are endless and not only have you recycled and saved yourself a few bob, you have created a unique statement piece for your garden space.

So you see if you want to garden, you can. There are no rules really, give it a try, experiment with different ideas and plants, because if something doesn’t grow or turn out right, you can always try something else. We are all gardeners. If you would like to add any of your own ideas and suggestions in the comments below please do.

Gardening love

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