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Spring Has Sprung ! Full Of The Joys Of Spring.

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🌼 Spring In My Step 🌼

March 20th is the start of the astronomical Spring. It feels to have been a long time coming over winter. I love being outdoors and have missed my garden terribly this winter.  Therefore I am thrilled to say that Spring has sprung!!!! This weekend first and foremost, it was time to catch up on some gardening jobs, so I ushered the kids outside for some overdue garden playtime.

A lamb in a field staring into the camera, the caption reads, spring has sprung,

Encouraging young gardeners 🌿

Spring daffodils

As I pottered around my garden I felt relaxed, as a matter of fact I was beaming from ear to ear. Gardening has that effect on me. Spring is such a wonderful time of year as new life pops up all around. The children loved investigating to see how the garden had changed from last season. My children helped to plant the crocus and daffodil bulbs last year and they were particularly excited to see how they had grown. Seeing the flowers that their efforts had produced made them feel like true gardeners.

In essence I cannot recommend enough the benefits of getting young children involved in the garden. They love the muddy fun and the sense of freedom they experience. Allowing then to plant seeds and bulbs helps them to see the contribution they have made to their environment.

Make Friends With The Bugs 🐜

Another great way to involve the children is to help them to explore the garden for creepy crawlies. Worms, beetles, centipedes and slugs are just a few they might discover. Getting up close to them can help them to overcome any fears they may have. I usually find that they are reluctant to go near any bugs in the first instance. Eventually after some gentle encouragement, they tend to ask if they can touch or hold what we find. In fact, since I have taken on gardening as a past time I admit that being closer to the garden critters has helped calm my phobias.

Hearing the birds singing, watching the daffodils dancing and seeing people happily walking with a spring in their step! That’s the power of nature right there.

🌺 Do you love spring?  🌼 What’s your favourite part of the spring season?

Gardening love 💚




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