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Why we should support World Wildlife Day 3rd March

World Wildlife Day Needs Us! World Wildlife Day takes place this year on Friday 3rd March 2017. This project was founded to promote wildlife issues, to reach out to the world in order to raise awareness of endangered species. The campaign focuses on the protection of endangered animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction. World wildlife Day …

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How to recycle efficiently. 5 Steps to make your efforts count.

♻️Recycle like you mean it!♻️ Last week I watched the news on recycling and the effects that waste is still having across the globe. In my last post on recycling, optimistic my recycling efforts are not a waste, I talked about how it can sometimes feel like a pointless task when all you hear is bad new. However I vowed …

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Optimistic my recycling efforts are not a waste of time. Here’s why?

Keep recycling and fight the war on waste Over the past few days there has been a huge debate over recycling and where we stand with the efforts we have made . It appears that we as a whole 🌏 are not making the impact that we had hoped for. Seeing on the news the huge issues that we have …

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International space station grows Zinnia flower

Zinnia in space  I’m sure many of you may have read this week that a Zinnia flower has been successfully grown on the international space station.   I just had to write about this because I think this is just beautiful. I find space a fascinating subject at the best of times but mixed in with a spot of gardening …

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