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10k step challenge progress check. Walking towards health and happiness.

10k step challenge 1 step at a time. Hi folks, so on the 28th February 2017 I posted my intentions of taking on the 10k step challenge and the reasons why. I have always loved walking and hate the gym so I’m hoping to keep fit and healthy by monitoring my daily steps in a bid to reach 10,000 per …

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5 top spring garden tips. A daisy from underneath growing up to the skyEco Therapy, Gardening

Prepare your garden for spring. Follow these 5 top spring garden tips

Spring clean your garden Spring garden tips for gardens up and down the land, that are slowly waking from their winterĀ slumber. As little shoots poke their heads out of the ground and dormant plants stretch and yawn keen gardeners are bursting to get outdoors and crack on with their gardening plans for the year ahead. Is there anything more exciting …

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Why I love walking and will be power walking my way through the 10k step challenge

Taking on the 10,000 steps a day challenge.Ā  Power walking for health is the way forward for me, and I’m going to challenge myself to take 10k steps a day. Over the years I, like many others have tried and failed at many attempts to be fitter and healthier. I’d be lying if I said I was really into excercise. …

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Confessions of an excited gardener. How I beat the winter blues.

Winter be gone……Spring come along….. Winter feels to me as if it has been around a heck of a long time this time. I confess it’s getting me down somewhat and the need to beat the winter blues has been near the top of my list. Spring is on my mind, and I get twitchy between seasons so today’s post …

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Optimistic my recycling efforts are not a waste of time. Here’s why?

Keep recycling and fight the war on waste Over the past few days there has been a huge debate over recycling and where we stand with the efforts we have made . It appears that we as a whole šŸŒ are not making the impact that we had hoped for. Seeing on the news the huge issues that we have …

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Yorkshire dales, the perfect medicine

The Yorkshire dales……Just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like a drive out to the beautiful Yorkshire dales to blow away the cobwebs and kick-start the week and the new year ahead. Illness has plagued my little family over the Christmas period, with the chicken pox virus forcing us to hide indoors for the past few weeks as it …

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Gardening personality, how would you describe yours?

Does your gardening personality reflect your day-to-day personality ? Some of us like a clutter free home, with everything in its place. Many people like nickĀ knacks, trinkets and their home to look busy. Other people are minimalistic. Some people are care free with their cooking, a dash of this and a splash of that ! And some people follow a …

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National gardening week

Get Gardening! Its National Gardening Week. The 10th – 16th April 2017Ā is National Gardening Week. It was set up by the Royal Horticultural Society to promote gardening and celebrate the joys that gardening can offer. The purpose of the week is to help make gardening more accessible to everyone. To introduce people to gardening and to show that it can …

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Spring Has Sprung ! Full Of The Joys Of Spring.

šŸŒ¼ Spring In My Step šŸŒ¼ March 20th is the start of the astronomical Spring. It feels to have been a long time coming over winter. I love being outdoors and have missed my garden terribly this winter.Ā  ThereforeĀ I am thrilled to say that Spring has sprung!!!! This weekend first and foremost, it was time to catch up on some …

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Gardening groups bring people together

Gardening groups. Get communities together!Ā  It seems that gardening love is in the air ! ā¤ļø More and more people are using their garden hobby as a means of meeting like-minded people. I have read some lovely articles this weekend showing how nature brings people together. More communities are creatingĀ GardeningĀ groupsĀ where theyĀ get together, have a chat and a brew and swap …

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