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Hello and welcome to Gardening Love 💚

Here at Gardening Love I hope to bring like-minded people together who have a love for nature, the outdoors and gardening. Just to point out that I am not a professional gardener or writer. I’m learning as I go along.

Being a free spirit is how I like to be. I don’t always garden by the rules and therefore having a go and seeing what happens is kind of exciting. For me I like to write about a range of topics around gardening and nature and all things close to my heart.

Occasionally I might venture off topic and write (or ramble! 😀) about something else. Once again I really hope you enjoy your time visiting my little site. As I mentioned earlier I am not an expert or professional. I am a full-time mummy who loves to celebrate the wonderful world around us.

Gardening love

My love for the outdoors began as a young child.

My father introduced me to the importance of nature. He would take me off on adventures across the Yorkshire moors, through fields and woodland. He taught me to stop and take a moment to see the beauty that surrounded us.

I am very grateful to my dad for this valuable lesson because it has helped me over the years, particularly in adulthood. I have turned to nature on many occasions for peace, comfort and sometimes guidance throughout my adult years.

Gardening love

Now as a mother myself, I try to teach my sons the importance of the world around them.  For instance to stop and take a moment to smell a flower, or to watch the birds eat in our garden. Encouraging them to plant seeds and watch them grow.

For me my back garden is my little piece of heaven. Unlike some of the larger gardens out there, in contrast our garden is fairly small. However it does the job and we are grateful for the garden space that we have.

Finally to be a gardener you don’t need vast amounts of land and tons of knowledge on plants and soil. If all you have is a window box and you plant one seed, the desire to connect with nature and care for that seed makes you a gardener.

Warm wishes

Gardening Love
Becky 💚